The Stewards of san Fhàsach are responsible for planning and holding all our events, whether a camping trip, day hike, dinner, or a large ritual. 

We always welcome ideas, feedback, etc., so please don't hesitate to contact us. 




Moine Michelle is a contemplative Druid, poet, writer, and educator who lives at the confluence of the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. She shares her days with a cantankerous newspaper man, a feisty, fat chihuahua, and a one-eyed shiba inu. In her free time, she can be found brewing, talking to trees and rivers, hiking, and enjoying live music. She has been active in pagan communities for over 30 years.




Mason (he/him) is a seeker and aspiring mystic following a winding path of Druid wisdom and intuitive magic. Seminary taught him how to translate various faith ideas into sacred language he can understand. He has no answers and relishes every question, certain only that he is blessed as a queer trans person. His phone’s autocorrect isn’t sure whether “woo” should become “woo-woo,” “woods,” “woof,” or “woot.” When not in the forest or in his head, he can be found in the joyous company of his spouse and their cats.




Jay grew up deep in the Appalachian mountains. While herb-lore and folk medicine are still part of daily life, being caught skinny dipping under the full moon with a group of women, mud painting their bodies with runes and astrological symbols, was more than the church could handle and he was left to find his true path. He now wanders those magical places where land, water and sky join together, but still rutting in the mud in sacred play whenever the opportunity arises.




Goofy, anxious, and fun-loving with the heart (if not the head and hands) of an artist, philosopher, and farmer. Broad interests make her an attentive listener who sincerely enjoys learning about and trying many things. She describes herself as an agnostic, buddhist, druid who is currently undertaking bardic studies.




Having grown up in the wild's of Minnesota eating bear hearts for breakfast and dancing naked under the glow of the Northern Lights, Nikki is the person you wish you'd had as a lab-mate back in high school, because you might have passed AND you wouldn't feel so badly about having burned that hole in Katie Winslow's backpack "on accident."  Ask to see her tattoo...we double dog dare you.

Image by Joshua Freake



Michael (he/him) walks a druidic path with a deep love for hiking, astronomy, camping, and nature photography. He also loves baking bread, and is the resident web guru. When camping he is the one holding the bag of trail mix.




Jillian was raised with the woods as her playground. Now she is a tree-hugging, atheist, barefoot-enthusiast Druid with an intuition-first practice. A casual linguist, baker, crochet-er (ist?), and origami aficionado, she spends time with her spouse wrangling two kids and one cat. If she sees something sacred in the woods, she WILL touch it. 

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