A Bit About Us

The trees are speaking, the stones and waters are singing,
The WILD opens like the seasons before you. . .

We are a contemplative pan-Druid/pan-Pagan group that visits wild locations around the greater DC area. Join us for hiking, walking, meditations, camping, swimming, wading, plant walks, park cleanups, foraging trips, book groups, sacred chats, workshops, occasional special rituals and other activities.


Our goals:

This organization is formed by our shared desire to:

1) Spend time in natural settings, deepening our personal relationships to the wilds within and without

2) build a supportive, open community of people who believe in the sacredness of the natural world, the web of life, and the ecosystems that sustain us

3) cultivate connections across nature-based spiritual traditions in the greater DC-area


Core Ethos

All are welcome

We recognize the dignity and "person-hood" of all beings. While members need not share in any particular religious beliefs or devotional practices--indeed, you need not believe in Gods/Goddesses or "the path" at all--we do seek to share a deep reverence for the wild world and our place in the web of all things.

Many members are particularly inspired by--but are by no means limited to--discussions about Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagan practice, including Animism and Scientific Pantheism. Some may not even call themselves "Pagan." 

It is our goal to hold events that allow members to find sacred spaces (in "wild" settings) on their own terms, to deepen their relationships with the unnameable mysteries of the natural world, and to enjoy the fellowship of a warm, open, and active community.

Image by Dan Meyers


We revere inclusion

The unique tapestry of skin color, sexual orientation, identification, gender, physical capability and ethnicity that make up this world we share.

White supremacy or white nationalism have no place in our group or our gatherings. Sexism and discrimination against queer, trans, or non-binary persons have no place in our group or at our gatherings.

We strive to respect and see all beings as worthy, including those with identities that may not be named here or may not yet be named.


san Fhàsach

The group's name "san Fhàsach" (say: sawn AH-sock) is Scottish Gaelic for "into the wilderness" named so because Druids, Wiccans, and other Pagan-folk have long claimed wild spaces and wilding work as the source of their deepest connections to self and others.

We began san Fhàsach because we believe that we must have journeys into the wild to connect with our silences, the voices of spirit, and the sacred wisdom of the natural world.


Charted Study Group

We are a chartered "Study Group"/"Home Circle" with the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA). Membership in the AODA is encouraged, but not mandatory. Members of all other orders and paths are welcome.


How to Join Us

Just sign up on our Meetup Page


Social Media

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